Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fitness Passion?!?

Week 2 - Find Your Fitness Passion

Fitness and Passion do NOT go together in my book!  As mentioned in the previous post, I do not like to exercise.  I see it as a necessary evil.  But I am trying to change the way I think about exercise.  Everywhere you look, it talks about how important it is.  Plus, I really don't want to be a fat old lady who has difficulty walking.  I want to be a spry young thing when I am 80!  Gotta get working on it now!

I took the "8 Colors of Fitness" quiz on Wellness with Kate's blog and found out that I am "True Blue - Tried and True."  That sound about right to me.  I like to walk and I would love to try yoga!  I got a Fit Bit for my birthday last year and love it when it dweedles and blinks to let me know that I hit my daily step goal.  (I am slowly working my way up to 10,000 steps, which it came pre-programmed to measure.)

I just have to remember this information and not get discouraged that I haven't seen any changes yet.

Just have to remember to:
Keep Going!

Now, I want to find a yoga class and give that a try!

As always,

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