Why am I here?

Hello, E-World!  It's time to make some changes!

I thought that I would have a blog about the transformation of my wellness and physique.  The children have moved out of the house, and forgot to take the babyfat with them!  So, like cleaning out the drawers in their rooms, I am removing the babyfat from this body finally!

Each week there will be a new Simple Change posted on Wellness with Kate.  So each week, I will be taking that change and trying to apply it to my life.

I will read a different self-help book each month.  You will find the reviews for those books here, as well as how the changes are working.

Let 2016 be a year of Change and change my wonderful life into Fabulous!  I would like to see this body change from FLABulous to FABulous! 

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