Reading Challenge

Let's have a Reading Challenge for anyone who wants to be a Self-Help Junkie!

I want to improve myself in 2016 and can't read ALL of the books out there!  What a perfect way to get Cliff Notes on Self-Help books!

I know that self-help books can be rather daunting or just plain boring.  But there is a Revolution!  Authors want their books read, so they are making these books more readable.

Here are the Levels:

Poser 1-2 Books.  You must be close to perfect! No need for deep searching.
Seeker 3-5 Books.  You are looking for something, but not quite sure what yet.
Hacker 6-9 Books.  You think that you should be changing, and trying to figure out how to hack your life.
Addict 10-14 Books.  You are committed to change, constantly searching, and looking for ways to implement the information into various aspects of your life.
Guru 15+ Books.  You have read so many books, you could start writing your own!

Just a few rules:

1.  This Challenge runs from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.  You cannot start the book until January 1st, and the last page needs to be read by Dec. 31st.
2.  You can join at anytime.  Crossovers are welcome, too!
3.  As long as the book has a category of Self-Help or Self-Improvement.  The books can also deal with Nutrition, Diet, Wellness, Health, Exercise, Mind, Body, Change, Spirituality, Learning a New Skill - just to name a few...
3.  Format doesn't matter.  Listening to an audiobook while doing your daily walk or commute is perfect!
4. You must write a review. If you would like, you can post a link to the review in the comments below.
5. Be kind and read others' reviews - and leave a positive note.

Let's do this!

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