Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I'm so Excited!

...and I just can't Hide it!

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So... I plan on focusing on something different each week.  Every month will have four different topics such as Nutrition, Self-Love, Movement and Balance.  Plus, each month, I will be reading (at least) one self-help book that deals with these different subjects as well.

I will be journaling about my experience here, so I hope that you will join me!  These 52 Simple Changes will be written in conjunction with Wellness with Kate's Realistic Health Coaching.

I look forward to progressing through this year of 2016 with Excitement, and trepidation!  How will the year end?  Will I be able to reach any of my goals?  What can I expect as a result of these changes?

Join me on this journey!  I hope to see some cheerleaders to keep me motivated!

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